Barn Owl Box ready

The Barn Owl box went up in late Spring and unfortunately nothing used it this year.   I'm hoping that at the very least a Screech Owl will use it next year, although a Barn Owl would be a huge bonus.   Unfortunately Barn Owls are pretty rare in my area, but I figured it was worth a shot.   I'll be adding another Screech Owl box later in Fall.  I am also planning to removing the metal flashing off of the front and roof of my current Screech Owl box to see if that makes any difference.   The flashing was added in my old house to discourage the squirrels.  The new location has very few squirrels and they aren't able to jump onto the box.  The only way up is to climb the post which has a metal baffle, so that's not an option.   Good news is it's squirrel proof, bad news is that it's empty....   Who knew attracting a Screech Owl can be this tough!!


bird man said...

have you had any luck yet with occupancy? looks like excellent placement for the box.

Owlman said...

Hi Bird man,

Unfortunately no luck yet. I was even hoping for a Screech owl (often heard and seen on the property) but NOTHING! I have two screech owl boxes up and no takers yet. Maybe I should have named this the No owls but many owl boxes blog? ;-) Patience is a virtue and I'll keep hoping to get a nesting owl at some stage!